Blogging with a Purpose

You must adjust your crown

Submitted by Dr. K

I don’t know what that phrase means to you. But to me it means, I may go through painful moments, disappointing blows, extreme situations, or physical pain. Everything has a purpose in our lives. We must either shift our focus, redirect our path or completely remove ourselves from a situation. We must adjust the crown that God has placed on our head and move forward.

Over the last few years of my life, I have dealt with a failed marriage, hearing loss, a great deal of disappointments, soul searching, and unbelievable task with small resources. However, one thing that has remained true with God all things are possible, attainable, and believable. So, as I close this segment, please remember to not let your disappointments, setbacks or complete failures take you down and you drop your crown. Adjust your crown, get into the word of God, or whomever you draw your strength from, and continue to move forward. You are worth it.

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