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"You are your best thing." - Toni Morrison 


Carita helps women understand the incredible power of the human mind and the power of positive thoughts: Our lives are a direct result of the thoughts we think. Carita will help women navigate through hitting the “reset” button and change the trajectory of their lives.


What men want is specifically formulated to empower women with the knowledge and understanding of what men want and expect from women. Everyday married and single men giving you the real deal. What he needs to maintain a strong healthy bond with the woman in his life. Get it firsthand from invited guest from around the globe on WHAT MEN WANT!


LaDray Gilbert, Esquire is a personal injury attorney from the Florida Panhandle. He is a well-respected attorney that will share legal tips with you in segments called Quick Consultations (QCs).


Ivy League is a show dedicated to connecting with women about issues that affect their everyday lives. Tune in for interesting, funny and engaging segments like “Blackity Blackity Black”, Dear Ivy, and Ivyisms.

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VagiChat is an informative, entertaining, "no holds barred" show that concentrates on the unique aspects of Wonens Health. Tune in to hear Ms. Simone spill the Tea on the V, exclusively on