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Marriage Ain’t the Promised Land

Submitted by FayeMac

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I have just completed the book “The Wait” by Devon & Megan Franklin. The book was very good and practical. It addressed spiritual matters as well as typical natural matters. I could relate to SO many parts of the book in terms of wanting to wait on God and the right one, but battling with feelings of loneliness and inadequacies that seemed to contribute to my state of singleness.

Now by the title, one may think I have tossed the thought of marriage to the side, but on the contrary; I still desire to be married to the right person for me, but I have a different outlook on what marriage is and what I can bring to it. I used to think marriage was a fairytale full of romance and warm, fuzzy feelings; but I have learned that marriage is certainly another level of ministry. I have come to realize that marriage is truly another level of giving of oneself. I am grateful to have this knowledge before being married as opposed to going in with false hopes only to be crushed at the harsh realities of LIFE.

Now when I meet married couples, I see them as examples to look to for some to do’s and some not to dos…I’m just saying… I don’t want to be that wife who thinks it’s all about me while my husband sits on the side like an accessory. I realize that I will have a job to do to serve my husband and honestly, I don’t know if I am ready for that…yep I said it… the thought of a functional, lasting marriage scares me for where I am right now in life, but I am confident God will continue to equip me to be not only a wonderful wife for my husband, wherever he may be, but also and I would say even more importantly a wonderful woman of God and human being.

Now I am learning to nurture the relationships that mean the most to me now. That will not just come automatically when I get married and how dare I keep the love God has given me from the people that love me constantly right now, there will be love for my husband when he comes… TRUST ME… but I digress. I am learning to love on my family and friends who have been there for me time and time again through the passing of both my parents, ups and many downs, graduations, sickness, drying my tears and loving me despite my times of “crazy’… how dare I overlook them for someone who is not even here yet.

God has shown us what love is, and love is not restricted to a romantic relationship. No really, some folks feel like it’s a “different kind of love” when you get married, but it really isn’t; it’s the same love that you have been giving all along, just a different level. So, if you half loving the folks around you right now in your singleness, then guess what? Your spouse will catch that same half love… I am grateful for this knowledge before I tamper with another’s heart.

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