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Carita Montgomery (RITA) is the founder and prayer facilitator at Everything Prayer Ministry and an author of the Best-Selling book #SELFIE at the Selfie Movement. Most recently Rita has published a pocket-size dose of inspiration that contains 30 affirmations that will jump-start your day. She was inspired by the pandemic to publish something positive to encourage and inspire people during these unusual times. She brings that same energy and excitement to the RESETABILITY SHOW where her goal continues to be to help women understand the incredible power of the human mind and the power of positive thoughts: Our lives are a direct result of the thoughts we think. Carita will help women navigate through hitting the “reset” button and change the trajectory of their lives.

Rita is available for Virtual Events, Conferences, Corporate Training, and Keynote Address. Booking inquiries at [email protected]

Show Times:

Sunday 5:00 pm EST

Wednesday 5:00 pm EST

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What men want is another MPowerHer Radio EXCLUSIVE that has been specifically formulated to empower women with the knowledge and understanding of what men want and expect from women. KC, the host, gets to the real answers and brings light to the fact that women need to know the man’s point of view. Every day married and/or single men giving the real deal about such topics as what turns them on and off, romance, intimacy, submission, strong women, and more. You must tune in to find out what men need to maintain strong healthy bonds with the woman in his life. Can you handle the truth? Well, that's just what you will get firsthand from guests around the globe.

Show Times:

Saturday 8:00 pm EST

Wednesday 8:00 pm EST

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LaDray Gilbert, Esquire is a personal injury attorney from the Florida Panhandle. As an attorney, he has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40: Nation's Best Advocates’ by the National Bar Association in 2016. Also, he was named a member of The National Top 100 Black Lawyers (Board of Directors), initially, in 2016, and reappointed in 2019. He was named apart of ‘Lawyers of Distinction’, in 2016 as well. He was recognized as 'Mr. Integrity' by The Florida Bar William Reece Smith Leadership Academy in which he graduated in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, he was named a ‘Rising Star’ by Super Lawyers of Florida. This well-respected attorney will share legal tips with you in segments called Quick Consultations (QCs). He was recognized as 'Mr. Integrity' by The Florida Bar (William Reece Smith Leadership Academy) and named ‘Rising Star’ by Super Lawyers of Florida. LaDray has traveled all over the country delivering inspiring messages on Dreaming, Faith, Perseverance, and Community Involvement. Tune in to learn insightful tips and information about the legal world. For more information or to contact Attorney Gilbert call 844-944-3476.

Show Times:

Tuesday 8:15 am & 5:15 pm EST

Thursday 8:15 am & 5:15 pm EST

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Ivy League is a show dedicated to connecting to women about issues that affect their everyday lives. Ivy has the distinction of being “real” and giving it to you straight, only the way that Ivy can. Tune in for segments for interesting, funny, and engaging segments like “ Blackity Blackity Black”, Dear Ivy, and Ivyisms. It cannot be explained- you just have to tune in.

Show Times:

Saturday 6:00 pm EST

Wednesday 6:00 pm EST

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Listen to VagiChat with Ms. Simone for information and health education from a qualified professional with over 30 years of experience. Ms. Simone will keep it real and entertaining as she emphasizes prevention to promoting healthy lifestyles and personal responsibility. Ms. Simone will engage you in colorful yet informative conversations about all things associated with your vagina and women's health from expelling myths and expounding on the truths. She will spill the Tea on the V!

Show Times:

Saturday 5:00 pm EST

Wednesday 5:00 pm EST

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You People

YOU PEOPLE is a 30- minute talk-focused show hosted by Judy Mount and offers interesting content that will indulge listeners in spontaneous conversations. Each week she will offer a fresh and unique perspective on topics like relationships, cooking, travel and much more. Everyone has an opinion and can share advice from their personal experience and Judy Mount is no different. She will share her expertise and life lessons that will help you as you navigate through life.

Show Times:

Sunday 12:00 pm EST

Wednesday 12:00 pm EST